Why choose Potentiate Consulting?

There are many different consulting companies out there. Why should you choose to work with Potentiate Consulting?

We provide tailor-made programmes…

Many consultants will breeze in with a one-size-fits-all mindset. They’ll try to sell you an off-the-shelf programme that solves problems you don’t have. Or they’ll work in a way that makes you dependent on them to keep the momentum going long-term. Which is great for their cash flow, but not so great for your business.

I’m different. I don’t “ride in on a white horse” to convince you to start the change effort – that inspiration comes from within your business. But once you’re ready to make a change, I work alongside you and your organisation. Together, we develop an understanding of how to “do” change and improvement in a way that will achieve your goals and works for your industry, culture, resources and challenges. 

…to build a self-sustaining culture

There’s a saying “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. The values, ideas, stories and behaviours that are celebrated and repeated will always triumph over a grand plan stapled to the wall.

The beliefs, actions and behaviours of your people are determined to a large extent by your culture. If you’re not seeing the kinds of actions, behaviours and results you want, it’s time to take a look at your culture. You can develop an organisational culture that supports excellence.

Spiral staircase leading up

Culture change takes time, effort and strong leadership. It’s like climbing a staircase – take one step at a time, and eventually, you’re in a completely different place. But first, you need to know that the staircase will take you where you want to go.

I’ll help you define your organisation’s goals, and develop your organisation’s culture to support excellence and continuous improvement. Together, we’ll embed the skills, systems, and processes necessary to sustain the changes and improvements you make.

This means your business can continue to deliver results, no matter what the future holds. 

Improve your chances of success

I work with you to understand your business needs, challenges and resources. I can also help you avoid common mistakes and traps that will harm your change and improvement efforts. My goal is to help you build a sustainable continuous improvement culture.

A notepad with the Eleanor Roosevelt quote "Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself"
Wise words

The “potentiate” philosophy is infused into the way I do business. Once you’ve made the decision to start a change and improvement journey, I use my skills, experience and tools to help you build a culture and programme to achieve your goals and deliver sustainable continuous improvement.

Let’s talk

I’d love to talk to you about the changes you want to make, and how I can help. You can reach me by email or phone. Or head over to my contact page to drop me a message.