Potentiate’s mission: accelerating your personal and business transformation

Do you want to lift your performance, achieve your goals, deepen your engagement, or transform your culture? Whatever personal or business transformation you want to make, I can help you achieve the step-change you’re after.


I help you accelerate your personal or business transformation by:

  • working with you to define your own and your organisation’s unique context, strengths and vision
  • creating an action roadmap to link what you’re doing today with where you want to be
  • supporting you to embed excellence into everything you do

Why Potentiate?

  • I tailor my approach to suit you and your organisation – there’s no cookie-cutter ‘one size fits all’ programme here!
  • You receive hands-on guidance, support, and coaching from a dedicated expert consultant
  • All strategies and tools are research-backed and field-tested, so you can be confident that they work in the real world


A picture of the owner, a brunette woman wearing a black shirt with white stripes, smiling at the camera
Find out more about me, Daria Williamson, the owner of Potentiate Consulting.

I have proven results in:

  • planning and implementing strategic change
  • sustainable continuous improvement
  • organisational development
  • leadership development
  • communication training
  • process improvement
  • team development
  • coaching

Let’s talk!

I love working with individuals and businesses that are ready to embrace change. To discuss how I can help you accelerate your personal and business transformation, call or email me, or fill out my contact form. I look forward to talking to you soon.